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City Council candidates offer their views on development

City Council candidates offer their views on development

Downtown Glendale is filled with steel beams, construction detours and ever-increasing density, setting up a showdown in the April 7 City Council election.


Glendale candidates address legal issues

Of the 16 candidates for Glendale City Council, school board, and the college’s board of trustees, at least six have records of bankruptcies, tax liens, credit card collections and other matters, a News-Press investigation has revealed.


Glendale High students sit in silence for sitar performance

Before sitar and tabla player Sandip Burman performed for 50 Glendale High student musicians on Thursday, the boys were told to take off their hats and all students were told to turn off their cellphones.

Disney subcontractor arrested for allegedly stealing laptops

A 38-year-old Burbank resident and subcontractor for the Walt Disney Company was arrested in Glendale Thursday after allegedly stealing six laptops from the employer, police said.


Tentative opinion seems to support Walmart's appeal to open in Burbank

A three-judge panel appeared poised on Thursday to allow Walmart to proceed with a project to open a store in Burbank, according to a tentative opinion on an appeal seeking to overturn a trial court’s ruling that halted the project.


Glendale Latino Assn. recognizes community leaders

The Glendale Latino Assn. once again recognized a man, woman and organization of the year as part of a now 25-year-old tradition of spotlighting noteworthy leaders and organizations.

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