In Theory: Should a sex offender be allowed back into the fold?

Dale Hoffert Jr. is a former youth pastor in Oklahoma City who in 2007 was convicted of forcible sodomy, spent time in prison, was released on a suspended sentence earlier this year and is now a registered sex offender. Hoffert was recently invited by his church to attend a Children’s Crusade, sparking outrage in at least one mother who objected to his presence, despite receiving assurances Hoffert was not allowed to be alone with any children.

Cartoonist Bert Ring

News-Press Cartoon: Continuing to wait

News-Press Cartoon: Continuing to wait

As the legal challenges to Glendale's Comfort Women statue begin to die down, cartoonist Bert Ring gives his thoughts about the aftermath.

Leader Cartoon: Territorial View

Burbank residents were recently on the alert for coyotes in the area after a resident was chased by a pack of the wild animals while walking his dog.

News-Press Cartoon: Money Trees

Cartoonist Bert Ring's take on the Glendale City Council's unanimous vote to partner with a company that will actively market public buildings to telecommunications companies searching for locations to install cell towers.





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