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Read On: It's way too hot for 'Jingle Bells'

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Burbank Town and Glendale Town, boys and girls.

Read On: Muslims should not be placed in 9/11 bubble

Well, we made it through another 9/11 yesterday. That makes 15 of them, if you count the actual horrible day itself. The good news — to some degree the astounding news — is that we haven’t experienced another successful terrorist...

Read On: Taking a look at our 'National' days

You should know that this is a very special day, ladies and gentlemen. More special than you will ever know. I’m taking the opportunity right here and right now to announce that today is the first annual National Read Ray Richmond’s...

Read On: Imagining 'Downton' cast with Trump

There’s an older lady I know and care very much about who has suffered some health setbacks of late. We got to talking one night recently when she admitted there were really only a couple of things inspiring her to want to stick around before...

Read On: There's an app for angry mobs

All anyone wanted to talk about this week was the story of the Dentist and the Lion. Sounds like the title of a children's book. But of course the tragic tale of Cecil and Minnesota dental practitioner Walter Palmer is anything but the stuff of fairy...

Read On: Time for a midsummer Q&A

Maybe it’s the heat. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s mid-July and I have yet to enter a swimming pool this summer. Maybe it’s just that life leaves me filled with confusion.

Read On: Hoping for the two Americas to come together

So we’ve arrived at America’s birthday, the day she gained her independence. And while in nation terms, she’s still relatively young, the United States is looking every one of its 239 years about now.

Read On: Man seeks to share his new beginning

Peter Vanlaw thought that having a heart attack at the age of 51 might be the end of his life.

Read On: The marketing of Caitlyn Jenner

OK, I really didn’t want to do it. But I simply have to.

Read On: Earning money as test subject

Zane Johnson is a healthy and strapping 31-year-old guy who is spending Memorial Day weekend as a hospital patient. And if that isn’t surreal enough, they’re also paying him to be there.

Read On: We should welcome the rain

I’m not sure we’re yet taking this drought thing quite as seriously as we should here in Southern California. Because let me tell you, it’s a really big deal. Water is pretty close to the only thing we can’t do without —...

Read On: Dying is way past the epidemic stage

I think it probably hit me while I was reading a post from a Facebook friend who shared that she'd been away from social media for a while because, well, her gallbladder had burst a few weeks before, she'd been rushed into surgery — and she...

Read On: Making plans for the big night

My beautiful and talented daughter Gabi is getting married two weeks from today. And it’s all great. She’s marrying a terrific guy with a fantastic work ethic and from top-notch stock. She’s 26. Not too young. Not too old. Nobody&...

Read On: A new app for your best friend

As we know, one day there will be an app for everything. Getting you into bed. Getting you out of bed. Providing companionship in bed. Eating. Breathing. Escaping from prison.

Read On: Getting together for a street hockey tradition

Well we lost another icon on Friday with the death of Leonard Nimoy, the incomparable Mr. Spock of “Star Trek” fame and by all accounts a good and decent man of real character. His looks to have been a life especially well-lived. After...

Read On: It's time for a heart to heart

A quick check of the calendar tells us that it’s Valentine’s Day, the day commandeered by the retail floral, chocolate and lingerie industries and designed specifically to shame men into demonstrating their love for their mate by...

Read On: Oscar acting nods show lack of diversity

I’m feeling a lot of the outrage here in Hollywood/Burbank/Glendale since Thursday’s announcement of Academy Award nominations — namely, that all 20 lead and supporting nominees in the acting categories are white for only the second...

Read On: Things often not what they seem

Well ladies and gentlemen, it’s a new year, when our thoughts turn to hope for a better world, optimism for a great 12 months ahead, resolutions to personally improve each of our lives, all of that stuff.

Read On: Yanking 'The Interview' was inevitable

Well, what a year, huh? Crazy stuff in politics, in sports, in entertainment. Really crazy in entertainment.

Read On: Twelve things to be happy about

I think it's safe to say that no one will ever accuse me of being a Pollyanna who looks at the world in an overly positive way. In truth, I'm the world's most cynical and pessimistic optimist — so cynical and pessimistic, in fact, that the...

Read On: Election had little to do with facts

It's a weird thing sometimes to live in the United States, particularly when you feel so out-of-step with the masses — as I did on Tuesday night.

Read On: AT&T seems to have its wires crossed

So while I hate to write about my own personal issues — actually, that’s a lie, there is little I like to do more — I must take the opportunity here to slam the stuffing out of a little company you may have heard of called AT&T.

Read On: Taking a trip to Ferguson, Mo.

I have to admit that when Barack Obama was elected president of the United States back in 2008, it seemed not only historic but incredibly exciting to everyone in my liberal-minded circle. A black president, in our lifetime. It was glorious. I felt...

Read On: A punch by any other name

It seems that everywhere you went this week — and I went to St. Louis — you couldn't escape the noise blasting from the discussion of Ray Rice and "The Punch." And trust me that even seeing the man's name in print or on a television or...

Read On: Robin Williams' end spotlights depression

I don't think I've seen the kind of shock and national mourning — and outpouring of love — for an entertainment figure that's been generated by the suicide this week of Robin Williams since Michael Jackson's death in 2009.

Read On: The U.S. needs to do right thing on immigration

I can remember while growing up that I always thought America was the good guys. Not the ones who locked our borders and tossed away the key — "Sorry, you're too late, country's closed. Try again next century." Not the ones who justified...

Read On: Following a dream is no secret

Anyone who believes there isn't much television and film production going on in Glendale simply isn't paying attention. Certainly, ThiaMedia Studios has started to take hold as a permanent fixture in our little town — first with the grass-roots...

Read On: Sharing my advice on life

So it's the day after the Fourth of July — the Fifth, according to my unofficial calculations — and so you might say I've got numbers on my mind. I'm also in a kind of reflective mood because, you know, it's America's birthday weekend and...

Read On: A less expensive branding campaign

Let’s go back for a moment to November 2011. The city of Glendale had just announced a new marketing/branding campaign designed to spruce up the city’s bland ’n boring image for good. It had committed $1 million to this task and...

Read On: A nation held hostage by gun nuts

There are only three sure things in life: Death, taxes, and that if you say anything negative about guns in any context anywhere, there will be hell to pay from those who are particularly passionate in their support.

Read On: Phone becomes international traveler

We were somewhere in Burbank last month when my phone disappeared. One minute it was on the store counter. The next, it was gone. You know how it is. Poof.

Read On: The cost of staying in a yurt

Sometimes, it just doesn’t pay to leave Burbank or Glendale. Once you’re outside those city limits, all bets are off. People behave in odd and confounding ways. It’s a jungle out there, baby! Always remember that.

Read On: People need to stop with the 'selfies'

This is probably going to sound odd coming from a guy who has a giant picture of himself running with his column, but I don’t really get the whole “selfies” thing. If I could convince my editor not to run the photo of me, I would....

Read On: Buzz phrases have become quite the trend

I want you all to know something right off the bat this week, ladies and gentlemen. It's this: While I may eventually leave the Leader and the News-Press, I will never consciously uncouple from you.

Read On: A novel approach to the Bard

What is William Shakespeare doing hanging out in modern-day Burbank?

Read On: Local news is on storm watch once more

The water is coming! The water is coming! Spectacular amounts of it! Quick, round up two of every animal and meet us at the ark at dusk. This thing that’s bearing down on us is gargantuan! It’s monumental! It’s…it’s&...

Read On: A health crisis hits home

I’m supposed to write a column right now, but as I type these words my brother Len is fighting for his life at home battling AIDS. It’s tough for me to think of a whole lot else. So please indulge me.

Read On: An unhealthy backlog on insurance

A Southland health insurance broker named Brad Reichman — whose clients run from Santa Barbara to the Inland Empire and include Burbank, Glendale and La Canada — called me the other day to share a horror story borne out of the...

Read On: A big paycheck to do nothing

So I read someplace that it¿s a new year ¿ 2014, is it? ¿ and for those of us in Burbank, it can mean only one thing: We are mere weeks away from NBC¿s ¿Tonight Show¿ departing Burbank after a nearly 42-year run here.

Read On: Maintaining the power of Christmas

In a world where cutting back on our energy consumption is a matter of honor — where reducing one’s ecological footprint has become a vital measure of humans’ responsibility to the planet and its dwindling resources — one...

Read on: An online culture addicted to speed

If there’s one thing we have already learned this holiday season, it’s that we want our gratification instantly or not at all.

Toeing the Line: Characters key to a show's success

In a world where everything seems to be a reality show, nearly everyone appears to believe that his or her life qualifies for national exposure. The guy with a wacky family. The odd couple running a dry cleaners. The crazy old lady who never throws...

Toeing the Line: It's about their voices, not their faces

You have heard Jess Harnell, Carlos Alazraqui and Gary Anthony Williams before, even if you've probably never heard of them.

Toeing the Line: Sampling secrets of movie makeup

This is a good week to be Cinema Secrets, the Burbank institution that has been keeping people in makeup since 1984. On Saturday, there will be lines of Halloween celebrants waiting to pay hundreds of dollars to the professional makeup artists on...

Toeing the Line: Benefits of filming here at home

The Wednesday night CBS crime procedural "Criminal Minds" is one of those shows that just kind of rolls along beneath the radar, a productive foot soldier in its ninth season that's easy to take for granted because it performs with such ridiculous...

Toeing the Line: The right logo at the right moment

Climb with us into a time machine back — well, not all that far really, just to late summer 2012. CBS Television Distribution had just announced that Arsenio Hall would be returning to late-night television a year hence after a nearly two-...

Toeing the Line: Where Hollywood dreams are stored

It's a pretty safe bet that no kid has ever carried the dream of one day being in the warehouse business when he grows up. Neither did Ne'e Le'au (pronounced "Nuh-eh Lay-ow). But the affable, Samoan-born Le'au has the kind of job that any young lad...

Toeing the Line: The importance of staying local

You may have noticed this past week that Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti declared a state of local “emergency” due to Hollywood's production exodus out of California amid a flood of tax breaks from New York to New Zealand.

Ray Richmond: Advertainment hits loft living

A couple of weeks ago, Ted Trent — a real estate salesman and sometime actor — and his life and business partner Drew Panico gathered the cast of their forthcoming full-length feature film “Hidden Hills” for a brainstorming...