News-Press Editorial: Seniors are a big part of ongoing tragedy

Less than 24 hours after Glendale’s newly appointed Mayor Zareh Sinanyan commented on the need to increase safety in the city for pedestrians and bicyclists, Antranik...

News-Press Editorial: A plan that may bridge the crossing gap

A good compromise to the long-standing argument between the our city and the city of Los Angeles about what to do with the Doran Street railroad crossing has...

Editorial: Last chance to meet the ACA deadline

No matter your politics or opinion of the Affordable Care Act, it is law and we have now arrived at the end of the insurance enrollment grace period. By midnight Monday, the procrastinators among us must at least begin the application process. These latecomers will then have an extra two weeks to...

Editorial: Could the cost of insurance drive more awareness?

It probably came as little surprise to local motorists to learn Glendale and Burbank are in the No. 1 and No. 6 spots, respectively, on a report published this...

News-Press Editorial: Plan speaks the right language

Having found success with its nascent language-immersion programs at elementary school campuses, Glendale Unified School District has now established a solid set of...

News-Press Editorial: Test program crosses the road to safety

News-Press Editorial: Test program crosses the road to safety

After several years of pressing the issue, La Crescenta civic leaders and parents of early adolescents were rewarded for their efforts this week when the...

News-Press Editorial: Family's loss is a lesson for all

News-Press Editorial: Family's loss is a lesson for all

Despite the heart-wrenching, devastating loss of her 20-year-old daughter who died in a gas station bathroom after using heroin, a local...

Editorial: Your paper has not gone away

Some changes went into effect this week relating to the delivery of the Burbank Leader and Glendale News-Press that have caused a stir. Some of our loyal readers can’t find their newspaper in the usual racks that have long stood along the two cities’ thoroughfares and near supermarket...

Editorial: A fond farewell as 'Tonight Show' bows out

Editorial: A fond farewell as 'Tonight Show' bows out

A choked-up Jay Leno on Thursday night said his final goodbye to his viewing audience — a loyal base who kept “The Tonight Show” No. 1 in the ratings season...

News-Press Editorial: Time to put the brakes on unsafe driving

Six Glendale pedestrians died after having been struck by moving vehicles in 2013, a year when the Glendale Police Department logged a staggering 111 pedestrian-involved collisions. One has already died this year, putting 2014 off to a grim start indeed.

News-Press Editorial: Used with discretion, noise law could work

A property owner allows frequent use of a house for parties, the celebrations get obnoxiously loud, the neighbors grow weary and friction ensues. It’s a...

Editorial: Northridge anniversary is a good time to plan ahead

As has been widely recalled this week those who lived here at the time, it was 20 years ago, on Jan. 17, 1994, that the Southland was jolted awake at 4:31 a.m. by a 6.7 magnitude earthquake. It was a massively destructive event that claimed the lives of nearly 60 people and injured more than 5,000...

Editorial: Loss of two motorcyclists is a grim reminder

Although complete statistics for the year 2013 have not yet been released, it would not surprise us to learn that motorcycle fatalities continued the upward trend reported for 2012, when more than 5,000 bikers lost their lives in the U.S. due to traffic accidents. That was a 9% rise over 2011,...

Editorial: Rose float awards are well deserved

It has been a banner year for local float entrants into the Tournament of Roses Parade, with Glendale and Burbank taking home two of the biggest prizes.

Editorial: Help make it a safe and happy New Year

Although Christmas is now a sweet memory, the 2013 holiday season remains in high gear and we’re just a few days away from ringing in the new year. Some bowl games and New Year’s Eve parties are still ahead. Families and friends will be getting together and good times will be had by all....

News-Press Editorial: There is no comfort in denial

The firestorm of controversy continues seemingly unabated in Glendale, starting even before the July installation of the bronze statue in Central Park designed to...

News-Press Editorial: The revenue may justify the spending

Glendale voters have not approved a new tax since 2009. In April of this year they were skittish about other items they were asked to consider and turned down three ballot measures that would have determined how the city would issue bonds, how it would account for an annual transfer of millions of...

News-Press Editorial: Identity thieves come in all shapes and sizes

Glendale police have found themselves busy this week apprehending criminal teams allegedly involved in identity theft by the use of credit card readers or “skimmers” — the latter of which are surreptitiously placed in gas stations or at automated teller machines to capture the...

News-Presss and Leader Editorial: Kudos to the generosity of our neighbors

Extraordinary acts of kindness and generosity shown by local residents and businesses do not surprise us anymore, as this is such a giving community. But they are always welcome news. And, particularly at this time of year, there are usually many wonderful stories to share.

New-Press and Leader Editorial: Don't let this Thanksgiving be a turkey

The promise of Thanksgiving brings with it not only feast and football shared with family and friends, but something for the deal hunter. Most big-name retailers will throw open their doors for at least a few hours Thursday in hopes of capturing consumers' bucks before Black Friday.

The Whiteboard Jungle: Teens seem grateful for the assignment

The Whiteboard Jungle: Teens seem grateful for the assignment

For the first time, Glendale schools will be closed the whole week of Thanksgiving. Because of the large amount of time school will be out of session I wanted my students to write about what they are thankful for (what a clichéd assignment, right?).

News-Press & Leader Editorial: An offer of condolences to the Gatto family

A shocking crime and an innocent victim: Joseph Gatto, a 78-year-old man who by all accounts was beloved and respected, was gunned down in his Silver Lake home this week. His home in the hilly community had been ransacked.

News-Press Editorial: Real-time shops put their stock in Glendale

As it typical at this time of year, economists have been keeping a keen eye on retail sales across the nation and making forecasts about just how well they believe retailers will fare during the final weeks of 2013. Jitters abound because the calendar puts Thanksgiving on Nov. 28, allowing...

News-Press Editorial: Lawsuit based on revenge should end with ruling

A ruling made this week by the state attorney general's office — an action required to protect elected officials against frivolous lawsuits — disallowed a suit that sought to remove Frank Quintero from his seat on the City Council.

Ron Kaye: Getting their names on the wall

Ron Kaye: Getting their names on the wall

A year after graduating from Hoover High School, where he was a star pitcher who attracted attention from major league scouts, Seaman Apprentice James Kerr found himself sitting on a dock at Subic Bay, near Manila, chatting with Signalman Stephen Kraus as they waited to go out to their ship, the...

Leader and News-Press Editorial: Affordable Care Act is good for our health

Leader and News-Press Editorial: Affordable Care Act is good for our health

There is no question that — at multiple levels — America is going to continue to feel the economic reverberations of the shameful display of right-wing political brinkmanship that shut down the government this month. But that attempt to derail the Affordable Care Act was hugely unpopular...

News-Press Editorial: Failure-to-yield tickets should cost more

It has been obvious over the years that Glendale drivers have little regard for those who are trying to negotiate the city on foot. We've published stories recounting a recent spate of vehicle-versus-pedestrian accidents that left one woman dead and three others injured. So as of last week, it was...

News-Press Editorial: We must all share the road

News-Press Editorial: We must all share the road

Like one-two punches, the horrible news was reported: On Wednesday afternoon and then again on Thursday night, three Glendale pedestrians, all women, and two of them in their 70s, were the victims of hit-and-run accidents. As of this writing, one of those women is in grave condition and may not...

News-Press Editorial: Outcome is a lesson on home improvement

Judy Shea, whose home improvement project on Lowell Avenue got completely out of hand, is crying foul again. This time her outcry is related to a judge's decision this week to approve the sale of the property.

Leader and News-Press Editorial: Time to speak up for the terminal

A series of public workshops focusing on the replacement of the Burbank Airport terminal have been taking place in recent days, with one more scheduled for 5:30 p.m....

News-Press Editorial: Treatment of Twelve Oaks seniors is shameful

News-Press Editorial: Treatment of Twelve Oaks seniors is shameful

In late August, 50 of our senior neighbors, residents at the idyllic Twelve Oaks Lodge facility in La Crescenta, learned they had two months to...

News-Press Editorial: The shared burden of immersion's success

News-Press Editorial: The shared burden of immersion's success

It's fair to say that Glendale Unified's progressive dual-language immersion program, which has attracted 900 students — about 23% of them from neighboring school districts — is a popular one with the kids, their parents and educators. So much so that a couple of elementary school...

Toeing the Line: The importance of staying local

Toeing the Line: The importance of staying local

You may have noticed this past week that Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti declared a state of local “emergency” due to Hollywood's production exodus out of California amid a flood of tax breaks from New York to New Zealand.

News-Press and Leader Editorial: Learning from the monitoring controversy

News-Press and Leader Editorial: Learning from the monitoring controversy

It did not surprise us when there was a bit of an outcry, primarily from teens, over this week's revelation that the Glendale Unified school board has approved a $40,500 contract with a firm that monitors students' public posts on social media networks.

News-Press Editorial: Teacher union should support grant application

In the hope of encouraging school districts across the nation to come up with innovative reforms that will boost student achievement and teacher effectiveness, the U.S. Department of Education is again this year offering Race to the Top grants. The department has a big pot of money to work with...

News-Press Editorial: Solar panels for buildings both old and new

In order to reduce reliance on non-renewable energy sources and reduce stress on the environment, a growing number of property owners have either already installed solar panels on their homes or businesses or have made plans to do so.

News-Press Editorial: Rate increase should be cut in half

News-Press Editorial: Rate increase should be cut in half

The City Council appears to be leaning toward raising electricity rates an eye-popping 29% by 2018.

News-Press Editorial: Sharing info a common-sense approach

A common-sense approach to resolving local healthcare issues - including repeated readmissions to hospitals - may well be on the horizon, thanks to the Glendale Healthier Community Coalition's efforts to establish of a health information exchange among the city's hospitals.

News-Press Editorial: City Council praised for supporting statue

A bronze memorial to the "comfort women" who were forced into sex slavery by the Japanese Imperial Army throughout World War II will soon grace Glendale's Central Park, having been given the City Council's approval this week.

News-Press Editorial: GCC teachers' sacrifice deserves respect

Glendale Community College students who in recent times found themselves scrambling to find classes are now on the receiving end of a generous gift from their teachers: Full-time faculty members at the Verdugo Boulevard campus have agreed to take a substantial, 35% pay cut to teach short-term winter...

Editorial: Cheering equal rights, aware there's more to do

Gay and lesbian couples are rightfully celebrating this week's twin decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court that effectively affirmed the rights of gay couples to marry in California and provided married, same-sex couples federal benefits previously denied them.

News-Press Editorial: Weaver's antics don't reflect well on city

It wouldn't take long for a new observer of Glendale City Hall to understand why the current mayor, Dave Weaver, was passed over by his colleagues for the top post for several years running. He seems not to have fully grasped that public service is a privilege and that a statesmanlike presence is...

News-Press Editorial: Alex upgrades not a moment too soon

With the City Council's approval this week of a construction contract of just over $5 million, the historic Alex Theatre is poised to get the renovations it has long needed — and not a moment too soon.

 Editorial: It's fire season so let's be extra careful

Editorial: It's fire season so let's be extra careful

It is June, and despite the morning low clouds so typical of the month, our mountain vegetation remains parched. A scant amount of rain has fallen on this area so far in 2013 and as history has demonstrated, that scenario is unlikely to change before November.

News-Press Editorial: CVHS culture must nurture all students

About 40 parents of Crescenta Valley High School students turned out for a special meeting called this week after Principal Michele Doll announced she had been promoted to a GUSD administrative post. These concerned parents took great advantage of the chance offered them to tell Supt. Dick Sheehan...

News-Press Editorial: Solving the turmoil at GCC

Glendale Community College trustees had a short-lived moment of relief this week, having approved a three-year contract with David Viar, who will serve as the school's new superintendent/president beginning this summer.

News-Press Editorial: Tending the flame of genocide's victims

Those tending the flame of those who perished in the Armenian Genocide had a bit of a mixed bag this week. In happy news, Glendale Unified and its teachers' union agreed to make April 24 — the day that commemorates the horror — an official day off.

News-Press Editorial: GWP contract the right move to make

News-Press Editorial: GWP contract the right move to make

This week, more than two years after engaging in good-faith contract talks with the L.A.-based International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 18, the union representing employees of Glendale Water & Power, the city of Glendale pulled the plug on negotiations and imposed a modest pay cut...