Editorial: In support of Schiff's resolve

Editorial: In support of Schiff's resolve

It’s been such an oft-repeated action that it’s almost a familiar tradition for Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Burbank) to introduce a resolution calling on...

Endorsements: GCC Board of Trustees candidates Tony Tartaglia, Vahe Peroomian

Endorsements: GCC Board of Trustees candidates Tony Tartaglia, Vahe Peroomian

For many years, Glendale Community College has been the picture of public agency harmony — at least as compared to the occasional squabbles at City Hall and the Glendale Unified School District.

Endorsements: Glendale City Council candidates Paula Devine, Vartan Gharpetian

Endorsements: Glendale City Council candidates Paula Devine, Vartan Gharpetian

A little less than a year ago, the News-Press endorsed Vartan Gharpetian in the special election to take over then-Councilman Frank Quintero’s seat....

Editorial: A cemetery is paid its due respect

Editorial: A cemetery is paid its due respect

About six months ago we opined in this space that the ongoing sad saga of Grand View Memorial Park in northwest Glendale was overdue for an upbeat plot twist and we hoped the cemetery’s new owners would provide one.

News-Press Editorial: Check these sources and cast your vote

Less than six weeks from now, when the April 7 Glendale Municipal Election is held, those of you who are registered voters will be asked to weigh in on who you believe will best represent you on the City Council, the school board and the community college board. You’ll also be considering a...

News-Press Editorial: Arts Colony may paint a bright future

News-Press Editorial: Arts Colony may paint a bright future

Ground was broken this week for Glendale Arts Colony, the affordable-housing project on Kenwood Drive that appears to be a very good fit for the...

Editorial: Airport fracas doesn't have to be terminal

When it comes to the Bob Hope Airport, nothing is what is seems. Or at the very least there is a lack of trust among some in Burbank City Hall that the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority is truly looking out for the Media City.

News-Press Editorial: Project's redesign may work out for all

What might have been an imposing, oversized development on the Glenoaks Boulevard property that was long home to a Bob’s Big Boy restaurant is being scaled down significantly, thanks to residents who spoke up about it and to the Glendale City Council, which agreed unanimously in December...

News-Press Editorial: New safety measure raises a flag

News-Press Editorial: New safety measure raises a flag

In response to an alarming number of vehicle versus pedestrian skirmishes the Pedestrian Safety Task Force was created by the Glendale City Council last year. The obvious hope is that the findings and suggestions of the task force will significantly improve the situation.

Editorial: Leading the leaders of tomorrow

On Friday morning, just a bit past dawn, nearly 100 students from Burbank, Glendale and La Cañada took part in the 30th iteration of the Youth Leadership Conference. As in years past, the conference was hosted at Glendale Community College and put on by the Character & Ethics Project. (Full...

Editorial: Rail-tunnel proposal is not the best solution

As Gov. Jerry Brown’s $68-billion high-speed rail project to connect San Francisco and Los Angeles by 2029 lurches into fruition, the authority overseeing it is expected to make a decision this spring on the route for the segment connecting Palmdale to Burbank. A route proposed last summer...

News-Press Editorial: A farewell note as the music stops

News-Press Editorial: A farewell note as the music stops

As steadying a presence as any metronomes they might have stocked on their shelves, the extended Pedrini family for decades has advanced the efforts of generations of budding musicians. Italian immigrant Thomas D. Pedrini, an accordion teacher, started his first studio in Lincoln Heights at the...

News-Press Editorial: Hoping for the best from city's recent growth

City watchers — especially those with deep concerns about traffic congestion and public safety issues — were taken aback last year by the many developments that gained approval in Glendale. More than 1,000 new housing units and thousands of square feet of retail space were given the...

Editorial: Cheers to the area's spirit of giving

There is no better time than the holiday season and a pending new year to take stock of ourselves. Have we been kind to others? Have we lightened a stranger’s load? When we were asked to give, did we rise to the occasion?

News-Press Editorial: Careful wording could help to avoid a lawsuit

Having been under the threat of a lawsuit for the past year, the Glendale City Council this week agreed to ask voters in April if the city should switch from its long-standing at-large voting system to individual districts.

News-Press Editorial: School is among the best of the best

News-Press Editorial: School is among the best of the best

Over a five-year span between 2008 and 2013, Cerritos Elementary School, a Glendale Unified School District campus that serves a diverse neighborhood with low-income families, saw its academic performance scores soar to rather lofty heights, far exceeding the state’s target numbers. And the...

Editorial: Body cameras may refocus the debate

Let’s start with the obvious: The local police are overwhelmingly professional and polite, and they faithfully uphold their sworn duty to protect all of us.

News-Press Editorial: City needs to rejoin the parade

News-Press Editorial: City needs to rejoin the parade

As we recently reported, this coming New Year’s Day will mark the first time in a century that the city of Glendale will not send a float down Pasadena’s...

News-Press Editorial: An idea that may travel well

As we reported this week, a proposal was given a tentative green light by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Board that shows promise toward easing traffic while closing a gap in...

News Press Editorial: There is still work to be done in public safety

Glendale suffers from a split personality when it comes to public safety. Every year it lands too near the top of Allstate’s national list of really awful drivers — and, regrettably, we have the serious injuries and death toll to prove we earn that designation. But we also have the...

News-Press Editorial: High-rise hopes for revisions to specific plan

In the past eight years, since Glendale implemented its Downtown Specific Plan, roughly two-thirds of the nearly 3,200 new multifamily units that have been built or are now in development lie within the city’s core. Such high-concentration housing puts extra demands on all who live or work...

News-Press Editorial: Consortium makes plans for a local future

In coming years, 90% of the products made will be developed virtually, according to the nonprofit National Center for Manufacturing Sciences. Simply to stay competitive in the global market, America must have a workforce trained to nimbly put digital technology to innovative uses.

News-Press Editorial: Move to stem potential suit may backfire

As Glendale Unified moves toward giving up the Sagebrush territory — something long thought impossible, and now seen as almost inevitable — a curious set of politics comes to the fore.

News-Press Editorial: Vote in favor of demolition holds together

Emotions can run high when any historic property faces the wrecking ball. Even more so when preservationists believe an entire neighborhood is safe because a special district has been established to protect vintage homes from demolition.

News-Press Editorial: Appointment of Russell is smart move

The choice this week of Sandy Russell to complete Mary Boger’s term on the Glendale school board was probably the most politically astute move the rest of the board could have made.

News-Press Editorial: Honk if you're tired of our deadly streets

People are still dying or sustaining injuries on Glendale's streets during traffic accidents, despite countless city enforcement measures and...

News-Press Editorial: Things may be looking better at Grand View

We are holding our collective breath to find out how things are shaping up for Grand View Memorial Park Cemetery, now that a new owner is finally in place and is apparently taking steps...

News-Press Editorial: Good health may be only a conference away

Fear of seeking help for depression, anxiety or other mental health issues can lead to substance abuse and even domestic violence. Many feel ashamed, afraid that if they call attention to the problem it will bring disgrace to themselves or to their loved ones.

News-Press Editorial: A community focused on common ground

News-Press Editorial: A community focused on common ground

A modest idea proposed three years ago by a local Boy Scout — a project that would turn a La Crescenta eyesore of a dirt lot into an attractive oasis — is becoming a reality. But...

Editorial: A fond farewell to Brand Bookshop

Editorial: A fond farewell to Brand Bookshop

The collective hearts of local readers and fans of independent bookstores sank two months ago when it was announced that Brand Bookshop was nearing its last days. Patrons of the...

Editorial: Politics may have polluted  landfill issue

Editorial: Politics may have polluted landfill issue

It is not difficult to see the point of view of the Eagle Rock residents who showed up Wednesday at the base of the Scholl Canyon Landfill to protest Glendale's proposal to expand it. It is through their community that dump trucks travel to reach the landfill and they say they have worries that...

Editorial: Geo Listening in the light, finally

Editorial: Geo Listening in the light, finally

When it first hired Geo Listening in late 2012 to monitor the public social-media postings of students for signs of, among others, depression or suicide, Glendale school officials were less than transparent. In fact, they were opaque, failing to acknowledge it publicly in any manner.

News-Press Editorial: Build on the example of this new park

South Glendale, an area long in need of some attention and revitalization, saw progress on both those fronts this week with the opening of Maryland Avenue Park. It's on the small side, at just half...

Editorial: The fun and importance of National Night Out

This coming Tuesday is designated as National Night Out, when people in communities throughout the United States will gather at special events set up by either volunteers or local law-enforcement agencies to learn what they can do to help prevent crime, in their neighborhoods and beyond.

Editorial: Yellow Alert system deserves green light

A proposed piece of state legislation that would allow the use of digital signs on freeways to broadcast information about vehicles involved in deadly hit-and-run...

News-Press Editorial: City makes right move in taking on Special Olympics role

In what must have been a refreshing change of pace for Glendale officials who generally deal with far less uplifting matters, a decision was made recently to...

News-Press Editorial: Participatory democracy shines in College View School issue

It has been decided that College View School — the small Glendale Unified campus with a big heart — will keep its name, despite the interest of some to change it....

Editorial: A selfless gesture on a day of union

Editorial: A selfless gesture on a day of union

Independence Day is, for most Americans, a day for stepping back and relaxing with family and friends. It’s often accompanied by high daytime temperatures, so many of us in the Foothills find ourselves looking for a cool place to chill out while waiting for fireworks to light up the night sky.

News-Press Editorial: City makes right move in leaving county communications program

A countywide communications system that would serve as a vital public safety tool during times of regional disasters, long promised, has yet to be...

GUSD approves plan to address students' social, emotional needs

When Glendale school officials approved a three-year plan last week to ensure students' academic success and prioritize the district's money, they also committed to the plan's robust focus on students' social and emotional needs.

News-Press Editorial: In defense of the male-only class

A couple of our city councilmen were openly dismissive this spring of the assertion by the nonprofit National Coalition for Men that it was not appropriate that the Glendale Commission on the Status of Women offered free self-defense classes to females only. The coalition's position is that such...

Editorial: BUSD should follow GUSD's immersion program's cue

A charter school geared primarily toward serving immigrant Armenian families has been conditionally approved by the Burbank school board and might open as soon...

News-Press editorial: Wishing new councilwoman Devine well

Glendale’s voters spoke loudly in favor of Paula Devine in Tuesday’s election, giving the longtime resident and retired teacher a 10-month seat on the City Council by a...

News-Press Editorial: Please take the time to vote on June 3

The primary election is Tuesday, when Glendale voters who have not already cast their ballots by mail will join their compatriots throughout California in visiting the polls between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Editorial: It's win-win at the animal shelter

Animal lovers, mark your calendars for Sunday, June 1 and plan to do your part to help the Burbank Animal Shelter empty its cages between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. On that day, you’ll be able to adopt the pet of your dreams for no charge. This special, one-time event kicks off the shelter’s...

News-Press endorsement: Vartan Gharpetian

This election season, despite being slightly longer than usual, has been more genteel than most. Oh sure, there were the recriminations, eye-rolls and public gaffs that we’ve come to expect in the Jewel City. Still, the candidate forums have refreshingly stayed tied to city issues and less...