News-Press Editorial: Vote in favor of demolition holds together

Emotions can run high when any historic property faces the wrecking ball. Even more so when preservationists believe an entire neighborhood is safe because a special district has been established to protect vintage homes from demolition. So we understand the dismay some are feeling this week over...

Letter: Choice was lacking in transparency

In her letter to the News-Press (“Appointment to board is suspicious,” Oct. 15)

Letter: Heighten fines to lessen bad driving

Don’t people die from drivers using their cellphone? How about a law in Glendale that calls for an automatic $1,000 fine if ticketed. Problem solved.

Letter: Parallel projects could cause havoc

Re: “City to seek input on project,” Oct. 11. With all due respect, I must say that Glendale's esteemed City Council members should, first off, elucidate themselves...

Op-Ed: Separating myth and reality at Scholl Canyon

Op-Ed: Separating myth and reality at Scholl Canyon

For nearly a decade, the city of Glendale has been processing an environmental impact report (EIR) for the expansion of Scholl Canyon Landfill. This landfill, operated by the Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County, was first opened in 1961 and is slated to remain open until approximately 2035,...

Letter: Nonpartisan help is out there for voters

In the Nov. 4 General Election voters will be asked to vote on six statewide propositions. The League of Women Voters is a recognized leader in voter education, and we have many nonpartisan resources to help you understand the statewide propositions and the election process.

Letter: Appointment to board is suspicious

Congratulations are in order for Sandy Russell as she takes on a most coveted position on the Glendale Board of Education. She has served our schools well for many years and I thank her for her service.

Letter: Stages of approval seem a bit off

On Oct. 8 construction workers placed cones in certain areas on our block. Then they cut parts of the sidewalk with a concrete cutter. Without using water to dilute the concrete dust, they were endangering themselves and neighbors from the dust. This morning, about 10 large trucks and bulldozers...

Letter: A checkup during check-in?

Re: “’Flightfeet’ to step out at Bob Hope,” Sept. 17. Aaah, progress!

Letter: More emphasis on traffic enforcement

I would like to add to the chorus of letter writers to the Glendale News-Press complaining about lack of enforcement of traffic laws. There is no doubt that police have limited resources, but at the same time it is clear that traffic enforcement is near the bottom of their priorities.

Letter: Bicyclists need to wear safety gear

We all can agree that it is enjoyable to ride bicycles. However, when we start riding them in an environment with cars and trucks whose drivers are texting and being distracted, bicycling becomes a very dangerous ride and especially to very young children whose parents put them on their bikes to...

Letter: Mixed messages on water saving

Interesting quarter-page ad run by Glendale Water & Power on page A3 of a recent Wednesday News-Press: “Saving water can be a beautiful thing.”

Letter: Anonymous tips should be investigated

Anonymous complaints against the disabled are not legitimate. We intend to water when we can as our water usage is extremely low compared to others in the community (16 out of 100). Shame on the city of Glendale that provides no accommodations for the disabled and elderly while other communities...

Letter: Dividing city into districts is bad idea

I read in your paper an article which stated that the City Council is considering options to dividing the city into districts for voting purposes. I think that this idea will...

Letter: It's the drivers, not the traffic

Did you know there’s a new highway in town? You can actually drive without the fear of police presence. If you like speeding, racing, honking, playing loud music, screaming and passing cars, this .2-mile stretch of road allows you to do just that. If you enjoy honking at or driving around...

Letter: Shaking a fist at complacent society

Who’s responsible for the many auto accidents in Glendale? Our complacent society, thats who! Start with the parents, then our schools, our representatives and law enforcement. Just watch the auto commercials on TV; they promote power as their No. 1 strong point. So, the parent who wants to...

Letter: Waiting until next spring's election

Recently, I have received several phone calls asking me why my name is not on the candidate list for appointment to the GUSD school board. While I seriously considered applying for...

Letter: Better yet let's take their vehicles

I live a few blocks east of Brand Boulevard, at California Avenue, and walk my dogs about four times a day. As the days get shorter two of our walks are either before sunrise or after sunset and another at afternoon rush hour. It has come to my wearing a reflective tradesman’s vest and...

Letter: Real enforcement is the only way

When we moved to Glendale from Los Angeles a number of years ago, the auto insurance company gave us a substantial discount, because the city was populated by good and courteous drivers.

Op-Ed: Antiquated system is a ticket to frustration

There’s a minor song in the Johnny Cash canon called “Southwind” in which the narrator laments his inability to buy a train ticket. This makes him miserable. All the freedom and possibility symbolized by the train is officially out of his reach.

Letter: Bicyclists pay more than their share

Mike Mohill's letter to the editor of Sept. 20, “Bicyclists should pay fairness fee,” reiterates a commonly repeated fallacy — that cyclists are not...

Letter: Resident pushes for a cleaner Glendale

To the residents, shoppers businesses and workers in Montrose/North Glendale: For the past 12 years, I have made a weekly walk through the 2300 through 2700 blocks of Honolulu Avenue in Montrose picking up the sidewalks and street gutters along the way. Thanks to those visitors who just don’...

Letter: Op-ed had good points on landfill

Re: The op-ed piece, “Glendale’s dump: bad neighbor, black eye,” Sept. 17. While I agree with much that Richard Corral wrote about the Scholl Canyon...

Letter: Sergeant's leave pay is unbelievable

I couldn’t believe what I read in the Sept. 26 Glendale News-Press how a Glendale police sergeant was arrested for soliciting a prostitute and is now watching the salary...

Letter: Paid leave is a bad lesson for kids

Re: “Paid leave is $10K a month,” Sept. 26. Again the youth of Glendale are being taught that acting in an illegal, unethical and immoral way pays off. This...

Letter: Church opens its doors for yard sale

Re: “Organizer cancels neighborhood’s garage sale,” Sept. 27. Learning about the Rossmoyne Community Yard Sale, or any...

Letter: Cellphones and a lack of civility

I found your editorial on traffic problems, one of which you have written on occasions for several years, to be ruefully amusing. In conclusion, you come...

Letter: Change is slower than L.A. traffic

In your editorial “Honk if you're tired of our deadly streets,” you ask the “brilliant minds among our citizenry” to come up with...

Letter: Drivers act worse in bigger cars

Re: “Honk if you’re tired of our deadly streets,” News-Press editorial, Sept. 27. I think most of us who have lived in Glendale 20-plus...

Letter: Pool owners should have to conserve

At the City Council meeting of Aug. 27 Councilwoman Laura Friedman “parroted” an article in the Los Angeles Times claiming that there is less use of water when one has a swimming pool. The story stated a swimming pool uses less water than having a lawn. Ms. Friedman jumped on that...

Letter: Cell tower won't fit into community

As a resident of northwest Glendale, I was shocked and upset to learn that Verizon Wireless plans to put a 50-foot “monopalm” cell tower at 1400 Kenneth Road, directly in the heart of Kenneth Village. This would be a tragedy and I, for one, am not going to sit idly by.

Letter: Another potential dog-waste container

Harvey Pearson wanted to know if anyone had any further suggestions for picking up dog waste, since the plastic bag ban went into effect. I do Harvey. Eat more...

Letter: Patients need care into adulthood

Stroke is a condition we associate with older adults — not kindergartners. Yet at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles we see children with sickle cell disease who experience their first stroke around the time of their fifth birthday. They are not alone in their suffering — 100,000...

Letter: Brand Bookshop owners were true friends

For me, walking down to the Brand Bookshop has been a welcome walk for years, understanding that I would be entering a place of vast knowledge, a place to discover new authors and...

Letter: Bookshop inspired Oregon stores

I grew up in Glendale. When the new paperbacks were priced at $4.95 (this would be at the old Crown Books), I decided that was too expensive, and I would start buying used books exclusively. That must have been just when Brand Bookshop opened, because as soon as I could ride my bike that far —...

Letter: Praise from a long-ago customer

Re: “‘The End’ is near at Brand Bookshop,” Aug. 29. Jerome hired me to make small hand-lettered shelf signs to ID the various topic categories of books in...

Letter: Pedestrians are too nonchalant

As more accidents occur in Glendale and pedestrians are hit, everyone needs to change how they walk and drive. Pedestrians no longer pay...

Letter: Put ballot boxes at the Apple store?

If people can wait in line for up to 12 hours (to purchase the new iPhone 6), then they certainly should be able to stand in line for one hour, if necessary, to vote! This is...

Letter: Cumulative voting is an alternative

Glendale is contemplating a major change in the way voters elect their school board

Letter: Potential hazards should be avoided

I’m dumbfounded that some agency, I assume the city, is dumping mulch on a narrow, vacant lot along Verdugo Road. This strip of land extends nearly a block from El Rito Avenue to Don Carlos Avenue and is covered with several inches of extremely dry material as well as a large pile of the...

Letter: Treatment of Gauchos Village is unfair

I have owned and operated the Gauchos Village restaurant in Glendale for 15 years. I have had to relocate three times, finally to 135 N. Maryland Ave.

Letter: Bicyclists should pay fairness fee

Re: “Campaign lights the way to bicycle safety,” Aug. 22. According to Nathalie Winiarski, a volunteer with the bike awareness group Walk Bike Glendale, “It&...

Letter: Electricity use leads to question

I was in Nordstrom at the Americana on Monday at 3 p.m. The outside air temperature was a little over 100, according to my car’s external thermometer. The electrically powered fountain looked cool and refreshing and inside Nordstrom it had to be a very comfortable 75. On all three floors.

Things may be looking better at Grand View

The opinion of the News-Press

Letter: YMCA's Camp Fox is still going strong

Camp Fox has been the location for the YMCA of Glendale summer youth camps since 1926. Many have experienced the magic of Catalina Island through a week of summer camp at Fox. The location is ideal for capturing the interest of the many aged youth campers through its blend of “landlubber&...

Letter: GWP calls are a form of harassment

For a long time I witnessed a discussion regarding smart meters and what they will do to the privacy of Glendale residents. I couldn't understand why some were so concerned about this matter, but I've gotten my answer in the past couple of weeks when we started receiving harassing phone calls from...

Editorial: Geo Listening in the light, finally

Editorial: Geo Listening in the light, finally

When it first hired Geo Listening in late 2012 to monitor the public social-media postings of students for signs of, among others, depression or suicide, Glendale school officials were less than transparent. In fact, they were opaque, failing to acknowledge it publicly in any manner.

Read On: Robin Williams' end spotlights depression

Read On: Robin Williams' end spotlights depression

I don't think I've seen the kind of shock and national mourning — and outpouring of love — for an entertainment figure that's been generated by the suicide this week of Robin Williams since Michael Jackson's death in 2009.

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