Letter: Diversity doesn't worry Oscar voters

Re: “Read On: Oscar acting nods show lack of diversity,” Jan. 17. Enough! Basta! I've had it. Year after year, the discussion...

Letter: The pros and cons of library upgrades

Re: “Ballot wording in the works,” Jan. 14. Why not have a fifth referendum on the ballot, say a Measure “L” (the “L” standing for Library) regarding...

Letter: The president's veto power is alarming

The United States is no longer a democracy where the people are considered. We are at the mercy of a dictator who has vowed to veto anything and everything the new Congress proposes for the good of the country.

Letter: In strong defense of Adams Hill

Re: “Adams Hill remains forgotten Watts,” Mailbag, Jan. 14. I was quite surprised upon reading the letter claiming that Adams Hill is the “forgotten...

Letter: Raining on the idea that's all wet

Re: “The city should cover its bus stops,” Mailbag, Jan. 17. In response to the letter to the editor by Jim and Carole Weling regarding covered bus stops, the...

Letter: Calling the Oscars racist is racist

Re: “Read On: Oscar acting nods show lack of diversity,” Jan. 17. Ray Richmond would have us believe that the Oscar nominations,...

Letter: The city should cover its bus stops

At the Jan. 13 Glendale City Council meeting, a disabled gentlemen spoke before the City Council regarding the lack of protected covering at many Glendale’s bus stops. He specifically mentioned that there was no overhead protection during the rainy season. We would like to expand on this...

Letter: It's easy to judge when it's hard to tell

Re: “Two of many issues of traffic safety,” Mailbag, Jan 14. The letter writer states that he has an issue with healthy drivers parking in a disabled space...

Letter: Adams Hills remains 'forgotten Watts'

Over the many years, when my and my neighbors' hopeful patience gets exhausted, I write again and again. Many times my tone is a prayer and then, at other times, it is very resolute.

Letter: Two of many issues of traffic safety

I have lived in Glendale since 1979, and with each passing year, the number of inconsiderate drivers seems to rise at a dangerous rate. I will write on only two issues; but there are others that need to be addressed.

Letter: Parking, new theater make little sense

Letter: Parking, new theater make little sense

I read the article in Friday's paper about the construction beginning at the Panda Inn site. What dismays me is to read that the parking lot is to...

Letter: Public engagement, democracy's lifeblood

Term limits are a bad idea. Although it seems a good thing to keep elected officials from becoming entrenched, like so many other oversimplified solutions it has unintended consequences. When elected officials are constantly worrying about the next office to strive for, they have less time to...

Letter: Observations on Najarian, Weaver

In the News-Press article, “A year of developments in the news,” Jan. 1, it was stated “Councilman Ara Najarian, who typically voted...

Letter: News-Press lacked coverage of float

Letter: News-Press lacked coverage of float

It was sad enough that Glendale had no float in this year's Rose Parade, but to overlook the opportunity to report on a float representative of a major portion of Glendale's population is just utterly embarrassing and hurtful. There was no extensive coverage of the first Armenian-American float in...

Op-Ed: Focusing on traffic safety will be high priority

The city of Glendale continues to experience a high number of automobile versus pedestrian traffic collisions, and this status quo is unacceptable. The Glendale Police Department and the Glendale Public Works Department do not regard traffic crashes as mere "accidents," but rather as preventable...

Letter: Interest in the party house story

Letter: Interest in the party house story

I read with interest the section of your 2014 highlights

Op-Ed: A New Year's message from the city manager

The New Year is typically a time for reflection. For better or worse, such reflection is a balance between perception and reality. Both of these dynamics are powerful and, often, where you stand depends on where you sit. While 2014 was a year of lively public engagement on matters related to quality...

Letter: Praise for GHS performers at Rose Parade

Letter: Praise for GHS performers at Rose Parade

From the minute the exuberant drum corps appeared in the bleachers and bounded onto the parade route I was entranced! The dancers attired in colorful outfits were exciting to watch as they danced in youthful enthusiasm. I loved it! Then, this morning, my News-Press headlines informed me that the...

Letter: Signal causes major traffic congestion

My wife and I were stuck in a long line of cars in Glendale on Dec. 31. Traveling east, we were approaching the 134 Freeway on-ramp at Central Avenue. We had to wait for a long line of drivers entering the freeway from northbound Central. Then we had to wait for a long line of drivers entering the...

Letter: Will 2015 be a year of change?

Happy New Year. Let’s start with a clean page. Vote your heart and let’s start with new people on the City Council. Our city manager needs to do better too. Respect is needed. Our thanks go to all the people who work in our police and fire departments.

Letter: Float was a sign of a healthy community

Letter: Float was a sign of a healthy community

The Glendale float for the Rose Parade is one of the last traditions of Glendale and the community. It is sad to see it end. The Glendale Rose Float Assn. and...

Letter: Vietnam vets still being marginalized

Re: “The Bottom Line” graphic on the front page, Dec. 24: How is it that “The Bottom Line” chart of veterans lists World War II, the Korean War, the Gulf War, but...

Letter: Money discovered in a bank ATM

Someone left cash in the main ATM drive-thru at Wells Fargo in Glendale on Wednesday, Dec. 17, in the late afternoon.

Letter: Opposition to term limits is political

Before Councilman Ara Najarian was elected to the City Council he was on the Traffic and Parking Commission. Being appointed by his colleagues to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority was a natural.

Letter: It's time to fix the clock at the mall

Letter: It's time to fix the clock at the mall

With all the money he has, Mr. Caruso might as well take care of the clock at the Americana at Brand. At the top of the building, the clock facing northeast is always or slow or stopped. What a shame.

Letter: Kudos to city council for listening

Letter: Kudos to city council for listening

I am obviously an outspoken opponent of our City Council’s approach to development, but when the Council does something I believe to be in the best interest of Glendale I feel compelled to give them credit.

Letter: An irksome move by GUSD officials

Re: “Work visas set to expire,” Dec. 13. Why couldn’t the Glendale Unified School District find four...

Letter: Rail crossing fix is mixed up with dollars

Letter: Rail crossing fix is mixed up with dollars

My wife and I attended one of the meetings on Dec. 11 regarding the Doran Street railroad crossing, and it seems that the contractor, HNTB, is making this much more...

Letter: Fond recollections of Bob's Big Boy

Why can’t the city of Glendale condemn the Bob’s Big Boy property at 1407 Glenoaks Blvd.? This smart action would prevent outside investors from overbuilding this almost ideal commercial site. Once this future piece of Glendale’s own history is gone, Bob’s interesting last...

Letter: Watch Dave Weaver's vote on the landfill

Years ago, when the residents of northwest Glendale were upset that cell towers were going to be placed in their neighborhood, then-new Councilwoman Laura Friedman, a northwest Glendale resident, acted like a district council person and led the council to change the rules governing cell towers in...

Letter: Approval exacerbates shortage of parking

Did I read that correctly that the big development where the Office Depot is got an exemption to having the normally required number of parking spaces? Have any of the...

Letter: Thanks for the gift of overdevelopment

Re: “Council gives OK to project,” Dec. 10. Thank you, City Council, for an early Christmas present! An approval for a proposed 180 unit-mixed use...

Letter: Homeowners group arranged meeting

Re: “Residents voice concern about proposed project,” Dec. 6-7. The reporter wrote that the community meeting to hear plans for a new structure at 1407 W....

Letter: Cell tower 'flagpoles' are waving neglect

This situation is getting worse as time goes by. There are a trio of cellphone towers disguised as flagpoles at the juncture of the 134 and the 2 freeways.

Letter: That $9M won't stretch far enough

How special. Glendale gets 500 more apartments and $9 million in impact fees toward parks and libraries.

Letter: City has lost its sense of community

Glendale is going through major changes. We now have no Rose Parade entry

Letter: Glendale lacks any compassion

The city of Glendale should be ashamed of itself. It welcomes residents of thousands of new apartments because they produce revenue. It lacks the compassion to welcome the homeless for 3 1/2 months.

Letter: Homeless deserve better in this city

Re: “Shelter finds no room for the homeless,” Nov. 27. I can't begin to tell you how sad it is to read a headline that declares that there is no room for the...

Letter: Weaver's stance on growth is out of step

While Councilman Dave Weaver can always be counted on for comic relief, his latest tirade against public participation at a recent special meeting was astounding. Since he refused to answer any emails and phone messages regarding the massive development proposed for 1407 W. Glenoaks, I assumed one...

Letter: City's growth plan benefits developers

I read with alarm (and some despair) the article, “Council, planners weigh moratorium on growth,” Nov. 6. The only plan evident so far is rampant...

Letter: Landfill plan would leave waste behind

Letter: Landfill plan would leave waste behind

The recent op-eds on the Scholl Canyon Landfill by City Manager Scott Ochoa (part one

Letter: Treat all Glendale residents the same

I am writing in horror after reading the article “Meeting considers the potential of south Glendale,” Oct. 18.

Letter: L.A. River bikeway is an unknown asset

Letter: L.A. River bikeway is an unknown asset

One of the best kept secrets in the San Fernando Valley is the L.A. River Bike Path that begins on the Griffith Park side of the Victory Boulevard freeway overpass and goes east nearly 10 miles to the I-5 overpass near Figueroa Street. The path is well paved, lit at night, and mostly flat to ride...

Letter: Election was won on fraudulent attacks

Thanks to Ray Richmond for his Nov. 8 right-on column, “Election had little to do with the facts” in which he addresses his dismay...

Letter: Richmond hit the nail on the head

The Nov. 8 column by Ray Richmond, “Election had little to do with facts,” is, in my opinion, the most incisive analysis I have...

Letter: Will irony motivate law enforcement?

Re: “Jewel City shines in FBI report,” Nov. 13: Residents of Glendale should be pleased and proud that our city was ranked among America's 10 safest large cities.

Letter: Greed threatens to erase Thanksgiving

Our annual Thanksgiving tradition is phasing out and has been exposed to major changes in political rhetoric. We will celebrate a modern political potluck, sharing the pain of the wealthy for the next decade or so, or till death do us part. Their pain, driven by greed, has no cure except the...

Letter: Zoning shouldn't change on a whim

Why does the city of Glendale have zoning regulations when developers and home builders request variances or rezoning that are usually granted? Density, parking and height restrictions are rationalized by the planning board and City Council members.

Op-Ed: Keeping our kids safe from predators

Families all over America rely on after-school programs, summer camps and other youth-serving institutions to get their children involved in activities that enrich their lives and help them grow up to be healthy, productive adults. Sadly, these programs can also be a vulnerable target for child...

Op-Ed: Paving the road to better transportation

Population densities in the Southland have increased dramatically over the last generation, and are slated to multiply further as large apartment structures go up across the city to meet the renewed demand for housing in urban centers. Meanwhile, the city is already mired by traffic congestion as it...

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