Letter: Tattered flag sends the wrong signal

Letter: Tattered flag sends the wrong signal

Thank you for printing Gene Akers' letter regarding flag etiquette.

Letter: Glendale should use reclaimed water

Letter: Glendale should use reclaimed water

I was intrigued by the article in the Glendale News-Press about the city of Glendale selling reclaimed water to the city of La Cañada Flintridge.

Letter: Legislation is a key Alzheimer's step

Kudos to Rep. Adam Schiff for recently co-sponsoring the HOPE for Alzheimer's Act.

Letter: B2 bombers belie parade's message

Letter: B2 bombers belie parade's message

I was not in favor of city funds going toward a float in the Tournament of Roses parade, nor will I be contributing my money or my energy at this point.

Letter: Amenities are up to date and accessible

Writer Claude Soderstrom expresses an opinion that does not agree with the vast majority of Bob Hope Airport patrons, who consistently rate the airport high for convenience and ease of use.

Letter: It takes a lot of water to make paper

Conservation? City of Glendale staffers don’t get it. Arriving in my mail today is an envelope from Glendale Water & Power containing a cover letter and a water-conservation flier. What a waste of money, paper and water!

Letter: Smartphone app can help track usage

Note to letter writer John Davidson: you can monitor your water and electricity use in near-real time on your smartphone.

Letter: Pursue both parents before raising wages

Dan Evans' example in his opinion piece demonstrates how raising the minimum wage overlooks a root cause of poverty.

Letter: Flying at full staff is an a.m. faux pas

Memorial Day is now nearly upon us. Although flying the flag on holidays (or any other day) is commendable, during last year's observance I couldn't help but notice some serious lapses in flag etiquette.

Letter: GWP is missing an opportunity

We have one of those new “smart” water meters. Now the water company can monitor our usage in real time. A few days ago, a guy from the water company dropped by. The new meter is so sensitive, he said, that it can detect a dripping faucet. Meanwhile, our mailbox has been peppered with...

Letter: Misunderstanding group's purpose

Re: “Group’s topics are off-base,” Mailbag, May 13. I am pleased to see that Mr. Peer’s letter shows he is concerned about our environment and is opposed to...

Letter: Coalition should fight for residents

If the Glendale Coalition for Better Government truly wanted to achieve its stated goal, a good place to start would be to stop filing pointless lawsuits that force city resources into fighting these suits and away from providing needed services to the residents of Glendale.

Letter: The genocide must not be forgotten

Why do we Armenians seek justice? You’ll be surprised to find your mind is capable of unveiling 100 years of truth.

Letter: No straight answer on parkway project

On Aug. 4, 2010 I was issued a notice of violation for concrete paving in my parkway. I was ordered to attend an Administrator's Office conference on Oct. 28, 2010 where I was informed that I could remedy the violation by obtaining approval from the Public Works Department. My request was denied....

Letter: Remembering fallen Glendale officers

In 1962, President Kennedy proclaimed May 15 as National Peace Officers Memorial Day, and the calendar week in which May 15 falls is National Police Week, which pays special recognition to those law enforcement officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty for the safety and protection of...

Letter: Bob Hope Airport isn't user friendly

The operators of the Bob Hope Airport appear to be running the airport into the ground. In addition to high parking prices, scarcity of reasonably priced nonstop flights to major West Coast cities and high air fares compared to Los Angeles International Airport, the Burbank car rental concession has...

Letter: Group's tactics are off-base

Re: “Group files suit over water rates,” May 9. Glendale Coalition for Better Government is an Orwellian name for the group that is taking legal action...

Letter: Take time to reflect on Memorial Day

I rarely speak publicly about my military experience in Vietnam, because I feel lucky to be one of the soldiers who returned home in one piece. I was in my early 20s, naive and fresh out of college, when I volunteered for the army. The politicians called Vietnam a conflict, but to the soldiers on...

Op-Ed: How GWP is dealing with the drought

California is in the fourth year of one of the most severe droughts ever recorded. In the last few months, records have been set for the highest temperatures and driest conditions for this time of year. This has prompted Gov. Jerry Brown to issue several Executive Orders including mandatory...

Letter: Praise for Glendale Council and staff

On Tuesday, May 5, I attended my first Glendale City Council budgetary meeting. (I had witnessed other Council meetings a few years ago.) You can also view City Council videotaped meetings online. I was impressed with the proceedings. I compliment you, Glendale residents, for this panel of...

Letter: Stop construction until the water flows

So, after watching the Channel 7 news on May 5, and learning of the new water rationing protocol for Glendale, let us see how functional our City Council is at truly representing “We the People” and put an immediate stop order to the thousands of downtown residences under construction...

Letter: Animals dealing with the drought too

We placed an old pan full of water outside for the animals and birds. Because of the drought animals have been having a hard time in finding water. Place it where you can see it and you will be amazed at the variety of animals that show up and you will enjoy a sweet little bit of true Mother Nature.

Letter: Claims of fraud in delegate election

As one of the California Democratic Party delegates unseated last month by the party’s Compliance Review Commission, I read Dan Evans “ballot redo” article with great interest (“Memo reveals ballot issues” May 2, A1.) As a 43rd Assembly District resident living in...

Letter: Council should ban leaf blowers

Is Glendale a brown city? It is certainly not green! Any city that allows the constant horrific pollution of leaf blowers cannot pretend to be green. With the constant dust, fumes, noise and various toxins blown into our homes and the air we breathe and with leaves being uselessly shifted from one...

Letter: Bill had tardy electioneering

I was appalled to get a flier in my Glendale Water & Power bill on Monday for information about Measure O. The vote was taken on April 7 (this was April 27) when it was received, and the measure had already passed! What a waste of city money — if you are going to send “campaign”...

Letter: Revive the term limit discussion

As our great city moves forward with the newly elected council members, I am excited with the new perspective and energy they bring. I am excited by the ideas of democracy, transparency and public service that our council members and ordinary citizens collectively bring to improve our city.

Letter: Trash is prevalent, as are wildflowers

At our house on the edge of the Verdugos, we have gotten a little more than half our yearly average rainfall. After a couple of spurts of green this winter and spring our hills are now a July brown. But amazingly there have been wildflowers — even now there are displays of orange monkey...

Letter: Support for Gatto and his record

Letter: Support for Gatto and his record

Re: “Memo reveals ballot issues,” April 30. I attended the election for delegates in January and quite frankly...

Letter: Local partnerships could buoy float

I have fond memories of attending the Rose Parade as a child. I brought my son to watch 20 years later. Now, another 20 some years later, I’ve enjoyed seeing Glendale’s entry float win several recent prizes. But I don’t think having an entry in the parade helps local businesses....

Letter: Feeling secure and proud after march

Letter: Feeling secure and proud after march

During the recent genocide commemoration march, my smartphone recorded more than a hundred thousand Armenians loudly marching by. I was assured by the amount of security and impressed by how needless it was. I reflected on my life in Glendale and thought proudly about my city’s reputation as...

Letter: Rain dance actually appeared to work

Many years ago when I was in high school living in Albuquerque, N.M., my family and I attended the annual Gallup Indian Ceremonial. It was a hot, dusty, windy, uncomfortable day!

Guest Column: The mood in Yerevan 100 years later

Guest Column: The mood in Yerevan 100 years later

When I arrived in Yerevan on April 16, the buzz created by Kim Kardashian’s and Kanye West’s visit still lingered. The city was energized as the Armenian Genocide Centennial Commemoration approached.

Letter: Simple rules that seem hard to follow

With all of the precautions, pedestrians and drivers are lost navigating Montrose Village while officials chase their tails. The city packs it with controls — crosswalks, more crosswalks, stop signs, more stop signs, yet it does not work. Pedestrians engage in insane crossing wherever they...

Letter: Questions on Dave Weaver's legacy

Now that the council races are over, what should be the legacy of someone who has occupied a seat for more than 17 years? Did Dave Weaver’s name recognition allow him to easily win reelection long after his effectiveness was overshadowed by self-absorption? These are questions that should...

Letter: A call to install the Verizon cell tower

Placing a Verizon cellphone repeater at the Scholl Canyon Recreation location sounds like it could be a win-win. Residents of Glenoaks Canyon might finally have cellular coverage, and the city would gain a bit of revenue. Where's the petition for me and my wife to sign in favor of this?

Letter: Continued action is encouraging

One hundred years of denial, 100 years of persistence. When will the souls the 1.5 million victims of the 20th century's first genocide rest in peace?

Letter: New trees stick out in stricken times

I don’t understand! Glendale Water & Power and the City Council want a 25% reduction in water usage. They even suggested that the city eliminate watering the grassy medians that are running down the center of various streets. Homeowners are asked to reduce landscape watering and are asked to...

Letter: 'Drought Charge' is counterintuitive

So we received our Glendale Water & Power bill yesterday. As we are in a drought, I have been looking it over more closely and I noticed a new “Drought Charge.”

Letter: Getting the word out about a lawsuit

On April 20 a state appellate court affirmed a trial court decision that held the tiered water rates of San Juan Capistrano, similar to those used in Glendale, violated the state constitution. The lawyer on the prevailing side, Ben Benumof, on Jan. 13 filed a lawsuit on behalf of the Glendale...

Letter: Old building's reuse is promising

Letter: Old building's reuse is promising

I was very glad to see that Caruso Affiliated is taking on the rehab of the Masonic temple. I like what I read about the proposed design and look forward to seeing it...

Letter: Dog photo had a whiff of familiarity

Letter: Dog photo had a whiff of familiarity

Re: The front page photo labeled “Sidewalk stroll for all sizes,” April 18. Dogs are definitely a fun part of the Montrose...

Letter: Garden leadership doesn't bode well

Letter: Garden leadership doesn't bode well

Re: “Rosarium raises thorny questions,” April 16. My family’s Descanso Gardens membership has given us immeasurable enjoyment over the years. Descanso...

Op-Ed: State leaders need to embrace ride sharing industry

Immigrants, in large part, come to the United States for greater opportunity. This country fosters ingenuity and entrepreneurship and anyone willing to work hard can thrive. The freedom and ability to work for oneself and grow a business is part of the American Dream. As an Armenian American, I am...

Letter: Annoyed by a band of pedaling scofflaws

With so many streets being realigned to accommodate bicyclists, perhaps the Glendale Police Department needs to remind the cyclists to obey the traffic laws.

Letter: Crosswalk's fruition bears examination

Letter: Crosswalk's fruition bears examination

I for one am glad we are doing away with the diagonal crosswalk in Montrose. It was a waste of time and money, let alone the fact...

Letter: Not on board with genocide resolution

Letter: Not on board with genocide resolution

Re: “In support of Schiff’s resolve,” News-Press editorial, March 21. I am not one of those who deny the killing of more than a million Armenians by the...

Letter: Congratulations with a reminder

The biggest margin in this election was a No on Measure C. The two candidates who opposed measure C — Gharpetian and Devine — won handily. Not that their...

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