Oped: Government must step in for vaccinations

When I was in medical school 20 years ago, a professor spent just five minutes talking about measles. After a brief description he simply said "you'll likely never see this in your career, thanks to immunizations."

Letter: City should welcome public input

Re: “Council isn’t part of the decision yet,” Mailbag, June 27. City Manager Scott Ochoa’s strange letter discouraged the community from...

Letter: Overdevelopment needs to stop

Just when will the overdevelopment of Glendale stop? When will the established zoning restrictions no longer be ignored in favor of developers? When will the destruction of small residential areas to accommodate bigger, expensive apartments/townhouses/condos stop?

Letter: Bill could have hurt housing programs

This week we were relieved to learn Assembly Bill 113, the budget trailer bill on redevelopment dissolution, was not included in the state budget. Our belief is that this bill would be very harmful to affordable housing efforts here.

Letter: Car emissions would be a party pooper

I read in today's paper of the proposed freeway park. How can it be healthy to have a park over a freeway when...

Letter: Unable to picture proposed Space 134

Just when I thought I had heard it all (call me a fool) now there is talk of building a park over the 134 Freeway...

Letter: Cultural influences are also to blame

The murders in the South Carolina church this month have been and will be covered extensively. There is a lot of cross-talk about gun control, race relations and historical references to this event. But what stood out to me while drinking my morning coffee and watching this skinny little white boy...

News-Press Editorial: Drought fee keeps water flowing

News-Press Editorial: Drought fee keeps water flowing

Glendale property owners who pay close attention to their utility invoices have noticed the recent addition of a “drought charge” on their...

Op-Ed: Rachel Dolezal resigns -- is everyone happy now?

Op-Ed: Rachel Dolezal resigns -- is everyone happy now?

Rachel Dolezal, a white woman who identifies as black, resigned her NAACP position and presented this statement: “It is with complete allegiance to the cause of racial and social justice and the NAACP that I step aside from the presidency “.

Letter: Seeking an end to violence and hatred

Liana Aghajanian's heart-warming Part 1 article about Seventh Day Adventist's embracing a gay man with AIDS&...

Letter: Council isn't a part of the decision yet

Recently, much controversy has arisen regarding a proposed mixed-use development at 1100 N. Brand Boulevard, with some folks...

Letter: All the best to Wanda Bergstrom

I wanted to add my voice to those saying a fond farewell to Wanda Bergstrom as she retires from 46 years of spectacular service at...

Letter: Collateral damage of assisted suicide

Dan Evans' recent op-ed, “Start the presses: Debating doctor assisted death,” avoids any mention of the serious and...

Letter: City officials should answer to residents

There are reasons that we have codes and regulations for property and buildings in this city. It is to preserve the integrity and continuity of our neighborhoods.

Letter: The alarming scent of special favors

What possible reasons could the city of Glendale have for potentially granting seven variances to the developer of the proposed building...

Letter: Principal's transfer is an outrageous one

How dare the outgoing Glendale Unified superintendent and/or the Glendale school board reassign Principal Kristine Siegal from Glenoaks Elementary School, where she has encouraged and overseen a culture of community and student success, to another elementary school without any input from the parents...

Letter: Development plan is outsized affront

Across the street from St. Mark's Church at Dryden Street and Brand Boulevard is a one-story café with an outdoor service area. The owners of this restaurant property plan to construct a huge building in the style of the big boxes that have erupted in the past few years in the Downtown...

Letter: Not voting affects our quality of life

Re: “Fed up by nuisance, notice and citation,” Mailbag, June 17. In a recent letter, a writer described the over-regulation of parking in front of her...

Letter: The downtown plan is spilling over

I am appalled by the plans to build a monster housing/commercial use structure at Dryden Street and Brand Boulevard. This structure will be more than five stories high and cover the ground space from lot-line to lot-line.

Letter: Put the brakes on noisy vehicles

Letter: Put the brakes on noisy vehicles

It is laudable that police were deployed at the so-called “Krispy Kreme Tuesdays” car meet at the Burbank Empire Center this week. It is...

Letter: Fed up by nuisance notice and citation

My sister-in-law was in town for a few days. We drove here and there and did all of the things one does when a visitor comes to town. Because my husband has a slightly larger vehicle than mine, we drove his car all weekend. When my sister-in-law left town on Tuesday, I was appalled to find a warning...

Letter: Did Ochoa deserve a pay raise?

Letter: Did Ochoa deserve a pay raise?

The only impression I have from City Manager Scott Ochoa is that he is an ardent promoter for every “developer” who appears before the City Council proposing huge building projects incorporating a multitude of variances from zoning laws and construction codes. Is this a good enough...

Letter: A great party for retiring waitress

Letter: A great party for retiring waitress

Those of you who have had your morning coffee poured by a smiling Wanda Bergstrom at City Hall Café in Montrose but did not attend her retirement...

Letter: Praise for a retiring coffee-shop waitress

Letter: Praise for a retiring coffee-shop waitress

Re: “Topping off a coffee shop career,” June 6. In a world consumed with selfies, City Hall Coffee Shop waitress Wanda Bergstrom stands...

Letter: Ochoa has proved he's worthy of raise

Letter: Ochoa has proved he's worthy of raise

I have been following the conversation about the city manager’s pay increase and would like to share my experience with him.

Letter: Proposed project is too massive

I was disturbed to learn of a proposed five-story mixed-use building at the northeast corner of Brand Boulevard and Dryden Street.

Letter: Help new graduates register to vote

It’s that time of year again. Graduations are happening, and students are now preparing to embark on the next stage of their lives. Whether going on to school or entering the workforce or the military, this is a big moment in a young person’s life. As the celebrations begin, consider...

Letter: Use less water and greet new neighbors

I attended the annual meeting of the Northwest Glendale Homeowners Assn. Wednesday night. I now have an explanation as to why 4,200 new apartments are going up in Glendale.

Letter: Salaries should match city services

Letter: Salaries should match city services

In response to the News-Press article regarding pay increases for Glendale’s city manager and city attorney, I would certainly concur that city employees...

Letter: Concerning library parking and trees

Re: “City staff proposes $800M budget,” May 22. So very soon now, most Central Library patrons who approach the library from the south by car, for example on Louise Street,...

Letter: Patriot Act weakens the Constitution

There are many things that are wrong about the Patriot Act. What bothers me most about this law is that it is an underhanded approach to change the Constitution, to an effect that weakens individual liberty, without a formal amendment process. The Constitution gives us procedural protections against...

Letter: B-2 bomber sends message of peace

Letter: B-2 bomber sends message of peace

Re: “B-2 bomber belies parade's message,” Mailbag, May 27. The Rose Parade opens with a B-2 flyover because this powerful symbol of peace reminds all Americans...

Letter: Objection to B-2 is a fair appraisal

Letter: Objection to B-2 is a fair appraisal

Re: “B-2 bomber belies parade's message,” Mailbag, May 27. I am grateful to Roberta Medford for pointing out the cost of the Rose Parade B-2 flyovers and for...

Letter: Kudos for a great Glendale Youth Orchestra season

Letter: Kudos for a great Glendale Youth Orchestra season

I would like to congratulate the Glendale Youth Orchestra on a fantastic 26th season. On Sunday, May 17, all 55 members of the orchestra played with skill expertise beyond their years and with a lot of heart. Brad Keimach, conductor, season after season challenges our musicians to play their best...

Letter: World Gym is a thriving business

Re: “New hotel proposed for East Colorado Street,” May 23. Phil Lanzafame states that a hotel replacing World Gym would “create jobs&...

Letter: Gharpetian, De Ghetto to speak

It is one thing to listen to a candidate while he or she is campaigning for office and another to hear from that person after being elected. Has the perspective remained the same or changed?

Letter: Real estate agents intrude with flags

Re: "Tattered flag sends the wrong signal,” May 27. This is to appreciate Josiah and Shannon Boggs’ concern for flag etiquette, and for being “...

Letter: Bomber is a strong symbol of freedom

Re: “B2 bombers belie parade’s message,” Mailbag, May 27. The B-2 Stealth Bomber is a reminder that our freedom is not free. It is a symbol of our pride...

Letter: Parade flyover is a spectacular event

Re: “B-2 bombers belie parade’s message,” Mailbag, May 27. The writer seems to think that the yearly flyover of the B-2 prior to the nearby Rose Parade...

Letter: Praise for the B-2 stealth bomber

Re: “B-2 bombers belie parade’s message,” Mailbag, May 27. Roberta Medford’s criticism of our Air Force’s B-2 stealth bomber again demonstrates...

Letter: Tattered flag sends the wrong signal

Letter: Tattered flag sends the wrong signal

Thank you for printing Gene Akers' letter regarding flag etiquette.

Letter: Glendale should use reclaimed water

Letter: Glendale should use reclaimed water

I was intrigued by the article in the Glendale News-Press about the city of Glendale selling reclaimed water to the city of La Cañada Flintridge.

Letter: Legislation is a key Alzheimer's step

Kudos to Rep. Adam Schiff for recently co-sponsoring the HOPE for Alzheimer's Act.

Letter: B2 bombers belie parade's message

Letter: B2 bombers belie parade's message

I was not in favor of city funds going toward a float in the Tournament of Roses parade, nor will I be contributing my money or my energy at this point.

Letter: Amenities are up to date and accessible

Writer Claude Soderstrom expresses an opinion that does not agree with the vast majority of Bob Hope Airport patrons, who consistently rate the airport high for convenience and ease of use.

Letter: It takes a lot of water to make paper

Conservation? City of Glendale staffers don’t get it. Arriving in my mail today is an envelope from Glendale Water & Power containing a cover letter and a water-conservation flier. What a waste of money, paper and water!

Letter: Smartphone app can help track usage

Note to letter writer John Davidson: you can monitor your water and electricity use in near-real time on your smartphone.

Letter: Pursue both parents before raising wages

Dan Evans' example in his opinion piece demonstrates how raising the minimum wage overlooks a root cause of poverty.

Letter: Flying at full staff is an a.m. faux pas

Memorial Day is now nearly upon us. Although flying the flag on holidays (or any other day) is commendable, during last year's observance I couldn't help but notice some serious lapses in flag etiquette.

Letter: GWP is missing an opportunity

We have one of those new “smart” water meters. Now the water company can monitor our usage in real time. A few days ago, a guy from the water company dropped by. The new meter is so sensitive, he said, that it can detect a dripping faucet. Meanwhile, our mailbox has been peppered with...

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