Guest Column: The mood in Yerevan 100 years later

Guest Column: The mood in Yerevan 100 years later

When I arrived in Yerevan on April 16, the buzz created by Kim Kardashian’s and Kanye West’s visit still lingered. The city was energized as the Armenian Genocide Centennial Commemoration approached.

Letter: Simple rules that seem hard to follow

With all of the precautions, pedestrians and drivers are lost navigating Montrose Village while officials chase their tails. The city packs it with controls — crosswalks, more crosswalks, stop signs, more stop signs, yet it does not work. Pedestrians engage in insane crossing wherever they...

Letter: Questions on Dave Weaver's legacy

Now that the council races are over, what should be the legacy of someone who has occupied a seat for more than 17 years? Did Dave Weaver’s name recognition allow him to easily win reelection long after his effectiveness was overshadowed by self-absorption? These are questions that should...

Letter: A call to install the Verizon cell tower

Placing a Verizon cellphone repeater at the Scholl Canyon Recreation location sounds like it could be a win-win. Residents of Glenoaks Canyon might finally have cellular coverage, and the city would gain a bit of revenue. Where's the petition for me and my wife to sign in favor of this?

Letter: Continued action is encouraging

One hundred years of denial, 100 years of persistence. When will the souls the 1.5 million victims of the 20th century's first genocide rest in peace?

Letter: New trees stick out in stricken times

I don’t understand! Glendale Water & Power and the City Council want a 25% reduction in water usage. They even suggested that the city eliminate watering the grassy medians that are running down the center of various streets. Homeowners are asked to reduce landscape watering and are asked to...

Letter: 'Drought Charge' is counterintuitive

So we received our Glendale Water & Power bill yesterday. As we are in a drought, I have been looking it over more closely and I noticed a new “Drought Charge.”

Letter: Getting the word out about a lawsuit

On April 20 a state appellate court affirmed a trial court decision that held the tiered water rates of San Juan Capistrano, similar to those used in Glendale, violated the state constitution. The lawyer on the prevailing side, Ben Benumof, on Jan. 13 filed a lawsuit on behalf of the Glendale...

Letter: Old building's reuse is promising

Letter: Old building's reuse is promising

I was very glad to see that Caruso Affiliated is taking on the rehab of the Masonic temple. I like what I read about the proposed design and look forward to seeing it...

Letter: Dog photo had a whiff of familiarity

Letter: Dog photo had a whiff of familiarity

Re: The front page photo labeled “Sidewalk stroll for all sizes,” April 18. Dogs are definitely a fun part of the Montrose...

Letter: Garden leadership doesn't bode well

Letter: Garden leadership doesn't bode well

Re: “Rosarium raises thorny questions,” April 16. My family’s Descanso Gardens membership has given us immeasurable enjoyment over the years. Descanso...

Op-Ed: State leaders need to embrace ride sharing industry

Immigrants, in large part, come to the United States for greater opportunity. This country fosters ingenuity and entrepreneurship and anyone willing to work hard can thrive. The freedom and ability to work for oneself and grow a business is part of the American Dream. As an Armenian American, I am...

Letter: Annoyed by a band of pedaling scofflaws

With so many streets being realigned to accommodate bicyclists, perhaps the Glendale Police Department needs to remind the cyclists to obey the traffic laws.

Letter: Crosswalk's fruition bears examination

Letter: Crosswalk's fruition bears examination

I for one am glad we are doing away with the diagonal crosswalk in Montrose. It was a waste of time and money, let alone the fact...

Letter: Not on board with genocide resolution

Letter: Not on board with genocide resolution

Re: “In support of Schiff’s resolve,” News-Press editorial, March 21. I am not one of those who deny the killing of more than a million Armenians by the...

Letter: Congratulations with a reminder

The biggest margin in this election was a No on Measure C. The two candidates who opposed measure C — Gharpetian and Devine — won handily. Not that their...

Letter: Coalition helped put measure to rest

I'm taking this opportunity to publicly thank the Glendale Coalition for Better Government and its members for all the work they did to defeat Measure C. The measure was...

Letter: Artificial grass has problems of its own

Artificial grass might save a bit of water but there are much better solutions to deal with this long-lasting drought.

Letter: Better to go native than synthetic

Re: “Fake grass is an inevitability

Letter: Institute is set on a musical mission

Letter: Institute is set on a musical mission

As a supporter of the arts and music education in particular, I read Kirk Silsbee’s masterpiece about Christopher Astoquilca that appeared in...

Letter: Kudos to the News-Press and its election coverage

Thank you News-Press for the abundant election coverage on your website. It was very helpful in my decision-making process. Please tell the L.A. Times to do the same for 2016.

Letter: Lawlessness is a persistent problem

Re: “There’s no better gift than public safety,” News-Press editorial, April 4. While I wholeheartedly support the Glendale police...

Letter: Water savings will quickly be erased

Governor Jerry Brown gets tough on water. I must admit I am not very smart because I just don’t get it. Brown has ordered “mandatory drought restrictions, including a 25% urban usage cut.”

Letter: Fake grass is an inevitability

As California’s water crisis continues to worsen month by month, the Glendale City Council continues to ignore the inevitable solution of allowing the installation of artificial turf.

Letter: Why the resistance to artificial turf?

Since it’s now a fact that artificial turf isn’t hazardous to our health and we have mandatory rationing, isn’t it about time that the city of Glendale lift its ban on the use of artificial turf in our front yards? Who are these people that think that it’s OK to cover...

Letter: Taxing hotel guests will boost the arts

Glendale is a great place to live. I grew up here, I raised a family and I built a business here. As a residential real estate broker, I know the key things buyers are looking for in a community are quality of life things: libraries, parks, police and the arts. These not only enhance a community but...

Letter: Whittling down his favorite for council

I have chosen to support a nonincumbent for City Council, Vartan Gharpetian in the April 7 election. I have attended most of the candidate forums and have evaluated the field of candidates for City Council. I believe Paula Devine should be reelected for a full term following her exemplary...

Letter: Erik Yesayan is young and knowledgeable

As I have recently found myself involved with city workings I have come to admire young Erik Yesayan. He is energetic, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, involved; and he has a great smile. I am excited when I think what youth could do for our Glendale City Council.

Letter: Impressed by hopeful's record

I have always believed that the quality of our schools is a key factor in creating a community. Whether we are parents, homeowners or single renters, our schools should matter. That is why my husband and I went to a meet and greet for Kevin Cordova-Brookey on Sunday. We wanted to cast an informed...

Letter: Union could have undue influence

As the mother of two school-age kids in the Glendale Unified School District, the upcoming election for two school board members is of great interest and importance to me.

Letter: The tunnel vision of city planning?

Now that the curtains have been removed from the apartment buildings lining both sides of Orange Street at Wilson Avenue, it is apparent how truly hideous they are. Their oversized bulk creates an unpleasant tunnel effect in the evening. Why were such large structures approved so close to each...

Letter: Paula Devine has proved vote-worthy

When a majority of the electorate voted Paula Devine into City Council office last year, she knew she had a brief time to set her policy before having to run again in eight months. In that short time she has far exceeded merely filling the vacant seat of a retiring councilman; rather, she has set...

Letter: Questions about the council candidates

Looking at the background of City Council candidates, I wonder about their eligibility and credibility. Some of the candidates filed for bankruptcy, but claim they had no other choice. They blame others for their decisions and do not accept any responsibility. It is always easy to blame others for...

Letter: Strong confidence in Cordova-Brookey

I am writing to express my strong support for Kevin Cordova-Brookey as a candidate for the Glendale Unified School District Board of Education.

Letter: Hunt is ideal fit for school board

Todd Hunt’s candidacy for the Glendale School Board should not be measured by yard signs peppered on lawns or high gloss mailers, but rather by the...

Letter: GWP should revise billing practices

From time to time I have read in this paper that Glendale Water & Power has increased rates during the drought to discourage wasting water. However, when I did the math I found that it costs me less than a nickel to waste a bathtub full of water. On my latest water bill I am paying about $50 per...

Letter: Here's a vote for Cordova-Brookey

I have received a number of campaign materials that state “classroom teachers” support both Jennifer Freemon and Nayiri Nahabedian for the GUSD School Board. As a longtime classroom teacher in GUSD, I want to clarify...

Letter: What are hopefuls' take on rent control?

The election is nearing and I would like to hear from each of the candidates their position on rent control or variations of rent control for Glendale. I would like to also hear their positions on veterans housing in Glendale beyond...

Letter: Thumbs down on Measure C

The argument in support of Measure C signed by three council members unequivocally states, “The total annual salary for the council currently is $17,160.” They fail to state that total salary does not include other...

Letter: Partnership will prove to be an asset

Forty years ago VHH community hospital was born on a hill bordering Glendale and La Cañada. Over the four decades the hospital has been through its ups and downs. Thousands of the local communities' children have been born there — and many more have made unscheduled visits to the...

Letter: Two board hopefuls have clear conflicts

On March 12 the News-Press was wrapped in a campaign ad for Jennifer Freemon and Nayiri Nahabedian, paid for by the Glendale Teachers Public Education Improvement Fund (Glendale Teachers Assn.). That very expensive ad was a gift to these candidates from the GTA. The GTA appears to be trying to buy...

Letter: Passing Measure D will save money

Two opposing op-eds in the March 18 issue discuss the pros

Letter: The Armenian heart will beat again

The innocent blood of Armenians has been held hostage by the enemy over the past century. Turkey still insists on denying their hateful crimes against humanity: they forbade the world’s tongue to speak of us, Armenians. Truth will be spoken and the enemy will hear the words “Armenian...

Letter: Freemon has passion and experience

Letter: Freemon has passion and experience

I am writing today to share my support for Jennifer Freemon for GUSD school board. Freemon is by far one of the most qualified school board candidates I have seen in some time. She is passionate about public education and brings not only her tireless enthusiasm but her skills as a teacher as well.

Letter: Flight plan from BUR to ORD is lax

Re: “Bob Hope Airport looks to use its ‘advantage,’” March 18. I love traveling out of Burbank! It's a terrific way to...

Letter: Fuentes should abide by the rules

Letter: Fuentes should abide by the rules

I read with great interest the story about Glendale City Council Candidate Edith Fuentes refusing to abide by city zoning...

Letter: Women found Legos fair and square

Re: “Police return stolen Legos,” March 18. Seriously? Admittedly, it would have been nice if the women who found the bag of Legos,...

Letter: Surprised to see the city manager's name

It was surprising and unfortunate to see Glendale City Manager Scott Ochoa openly campaigning for District Council Elections (Measure D) in the official Voter Information Pamphlet. This is a very controversial measure, as Ochoa surely knows. He is disingenuous and misleading in writing in all caps...

Letter: Try enforcement of existing road rules

Glendale residents have earned a reputation for being among the most reckless and belligerent motorists in America. According to news reports, our insurance premiums are the highest in the state. In the south Glendale community where I live, I witness constant acts of astonishingly irresponsible...

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