Wrestlers battle at a taping of NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood at the Glendale Studios. (Mike Mullen, Glendale News Press / August 25, 2012)

SOUTHEAST GLENDALE — With body slams, suplexes, dropkicks and hurricanranas taking center stage, there are curtains on opposite ends of the Glendale Studios.

On one end, the likes of National Wrestling Alliance world champion "Scrap Iron" Adam Pearce, archrival Colt "Boom Boom" Cabana, Shaun Ricker, Scorpio Sky and a parade of other glammed-up gladiators make their way through en route to the squared circle.

"You walk through that curtain, the adrenaline just hits," Cabana said, "and that's what takes you through the ride."

On the opposite end, the likes of Chloe Cosette, Edwin Sanchez and Brandee Garvin emerge into an afternoon of action, drama and hard-hitting theater.

"It's really fun to watch," said Cossette, 22 of Arizona. "It's like a soap opera.

"I like the atmosphere here. The fans are really into it, they're very loud."

And on this sleepy Sunday afternoon on Glendale Avenue, the professional wrestlers who burst through one curtain and the frenzied fans who make their way through the other are seemingly equal parts of the experience.

And this is very much the atmosphere and appeal when "NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood" hosts its monthly television tapings at Glendale Studios.

"They're bringing their friends," said Sky, who recently relinquished his NWA TV title to rival Willie Mack during an epic bout on July 22 — the most recent taping in Glendale. "It's starting to create a little attraction in the city I think. Putting on a good show is the main key. People care, they enjoy themselves."

In November of last year, "NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood" moved into its latest, and by most accounts, best venue to date at the Glendale Studios. There it has opened the doors to fans with free admission. Thereafter they are privy to witnessing four weekly, one-hour shows per monthly television taping. The broadcasts air weekly on KDOC at 1 a.m. on Sunday mornings.

"I just knew this would be a perfect setting," said David Marquez, the show's producer, who also owns the NWA and works for KDOC in a variety of roles, such as a producer, director and a liaison to professional sports teams whose games air on the channel.

Thus far, Marquez has been happy with the fate that has followed NWA Hollywood since moving to the Jewel City. According to him, fans are growing, they are beginning to recognize the performers on the streets in Southern California, the ratings are good and he's happy with the show as a whole emanating from the small, fan-friendly Glendale Studios.

"We do fantastic," said Marquez of the show's ratings. "I'm very happy with what we're doing."

Much of the success of the show is dependent on ratings and advertisers, thus Marquez and Co. continue to offer free admission to the TV tapings.

"We have to give it to them so they can taste it," Marquez said. "They're checking us out."

So far it's worked.

"They know who the personalities are," Marquez said. "They know who the good guys are, who the bad guys are.

"I believe we have built a fan base in Southern California on KDOC."

Along with the likes of Pearce, Cabana, Ricker and Sky, there's an abundance of talent currently on the NWA Hollywood roster, most of it young and unknown and trying to rise up in the unpredictable world of professional wrestling.

"They're a wonderful group of people to work with," Marquez said. "They all have passion. They want this to work."