A Word, Please: Parentheses can drive a sentence off a cliff

Letter: School safety is also a top issue

I am very disappointed in our school board candidates. During my 31-year career at the Burbank Police Department I had the chance to work as a school resource officer and was a member of the School/Law Enforcement Partnership, a cadre of professionals providing compliance training in California law requiring schools to have comprehensive safety plans. I also have a fifth-grade student.

Letter: Reynolds has the experience to lead

The Burbank Unified School District is facing many new challenges with Common Core and the Local Control Funding Formula. These changes in how school districts do business will require extraordinary leadership to guide them through rough waters. In the upcoming election, the voters of Burbank will be choosing new leaders to determine the course of action necessary to meet the challenges ahead.

Letter: Candidate's passion is public service

I have to admit that I took it personally when Christopher Rizzotti was called out for being anti-gay in a recent City Council meeting.

Letter: Rizzotti is religious, not a hatemonger

I write to speak for Chris Rizzotti who has recently had his character assailed in the public square: taking collateral damage for the statements of some in the faith community around issues of the LGBT community. For many years I have had the privilege of being Chris Rizzotti’s pastor. In that time Chris has been an active seeking and vital member of our congregation: serving, giving, and seeking Christ who says . . . “Seek first the kingdom of God,” Matt. 6:33 . . . and “Judge not so that you too are not judged,” Matt. 7:1.

Letter: Accusation seems politically motivated

I was appalled to learn that a man at the Burbank City Council meeting on Jan. 27 verbally attacked City Council candidate Christopher Rizzotti by accusing him of being “anti-gay.” This man admitted to having no direct knowledge of any discriminatory beliefs or conduct attributable to Rizzotti except for Rizzotti’s association as a volunteer with a faith-based group that helps youths at risk, and “things” the speaker “had heard from someone close to this conversation.”

Letter: Ministry connection is a troubling one

Candidate Christopher Rizzotti claims an association with Young Life, a youth ministry.

The Whiteboard Jungle: Measles outbreak is a sign of selfishness

What began as a curious story of a small measles outbreak in, of all places, the so-called Happiest Place on Earth, Disneyland, has stretched to nearly 100 cases across eight states and into Mexico.

Convicted former attorney arrested after allegedly posing as lawyer of same first name

An attorney from Glendale who was disbarred after he was convicted of grand theft, money laundering and forgery was arrested after allegedly appearing in court three times this month using the identity of a licensed attorney, officials said.

Eve  is a seven-year-old brown tabby up for adoption.

News-Press pet of the day: Eve

Eve is a 7-year-old, affectionate, brown tabby. She’s very social and lives in our cat communal room, so she gets along well with other cats. She’s ready to go home today.