The emergency entrance at Glendale Adventist Medical Center on Thursday, June 28, 2012. The hospital recently received an "A" grade from the nonprofit Leapfrog Group for its overall safety -- a significant improvement from last fall, when it received a "C" grade.

Pair of local hospitals receive improved marks in latest safety report

Two area hospitals improved their grades on a national report card this spring after receiving Cs last fall for their patient quality care.

Caltrans, Metro to host public hearing on 710 Freeway extension project

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) will hold a public hearing Wednesday evening at La Cañada High School to seek community feedback on a draft environmental report for the 710 Freeway extension project.

Bob Hope Airport sees a bump in passengers

The number of passengers traveling through Bob Hope Airport rose by 5.2% in March compared to the same month last year, beating budget projections by the same amount, according to airfield officials.

Letter: Revive the term limit discussion

As our great city moves forward with the newly elected council members, I am excited with the new perspective and energy they bring. I am excited by the ideas of democracy, transparency and public service that our council members and ordinary citizens collectively bring to improve our city.

Letter: Bill had tardy electioneering

I was appalled to get a flier in my Glendale Water & Power bill on Monday for information about Measure O. The vote was taken on April 7 (this was April 27) when it was received, and the measure had already passed! What a waste of city money — if you are going to send “campaign” literature, at least make it timely! I don’t think the city should be campaigning for anything, even if the City Council put it on the ballot. It should be for the citizens to decide without the city’s input!The flier had pictures in color, also adding to the ridiculous cost!By the way, I’m not a disgruntled voter — I actually voted for Measure O.

Letter: Council should ban leaf blowers

Is Glendale a brown city? It is certainly not green! Any city that allows the constant horrific pollution of leaf blowers cannot pretend to be green. With the constant dust, fumes, noise and various toxins blown into our homes and the air we breathe and with leaves being uselessly shifted from one place to another with no discernible benefit, I cannot see how it can claim to be a green city. I read somewhere that there is an esoteric tool called a “rake” that can do a much better job.

Community: Businesses keep Glendale beautiful

A streamlined building that houses a real estate group and law firm as well as a senior facility that artistically balances windows and balconies were recognized at Glendale Beautiful’s annual awards luncheon in mid-April.

La Crescenta Woman's Club co-chairs of the Derby Days luncheon are, from left, President Carol Huntwork, Rita Even, Carol Benedetti and Carol Stein.

Community: All bets are on Derby luncheon

Members of the La Crescenta Woman’s Club took win, place and fashion show when they honored the Kentucky Derby at their annual luncheon in mid-April.

Peanut, a 12-year-old Chihuahua/Pinscher mix, was abandoned by his owner and is now in need of a good home.

Letter: Kudos to the Burbank Animal Shelter

Last Saturday I noticed the animal shelter ad for Peanut, the dog who was left in the shelter because the owner didn't feel like having a dog anymore. This made me crazy angry.

Letter: Fix our worn streets, don't upgrade parks

I am writing to loudly protest a terrible waste of taxpayer dollars. Can someone tell me just who the mental giants are in the city of Burbank who approve spending money to “beautify” city parks and other wasteful measures, while our streets are in such ridiculously poor condition? It is absolutely nauseating to see! You can practically fall in the holes in our streets, yet our taxes are wasted on things that are not even in need. Every taxpayer should be screaming abut this nonsensical waste.