Burb's Eye View: A channel bikeway and backyard politics

A sand-colored cinder-block wall separates the Western Channel Bikeway from a home on Elm Street. It blocks the view of the path, but not the cigarette smoke that wafts into Jorge Pineda's house.

Letter: A thank you to the police department

As a 35-year resident on Corona Drive in the Adams Hill area of Glendale, I would like to publicly thank the officers of the Glendale Police Department for their support of our community. We always enjoy their visits on National Night Out. Their response to any questions or concerns has always been prompt and informative. Thank you for your continued excellent service to our community.

Letter: An answer to a rhetorical question

Re: “The president's veto power is alarming,” Mailbag, Jan 24. I was under the impression our local paper would no longer print this kind of politically biased rant about a national issue. Perhaps it agrees with the complainer, or wishes to fill its local mailbag with polarizing political “discussion.” In any event, I will answer Adams’ rhetorical question. While I agree with the opening statement, “The United States is no longer a democracy where the people are considered,” I differ as to who we are at the mercy of. Wealthy corporate interests that (thanks to the Citizens United decision) now stack the seats of Congress with representatives who will vote in their interests, compel our president (who was voted in twice by actual people) to reluctantly exercise his veto powers to protect the interests of the people....

Letter: What good are the painted signs?

I see that the city of Glendale has painted little pictures of bicycles on the pavement along South Glendale Avenue. I wonder what they are supposed to signify for the motorists roaring down that street at near-freeway speeds? Bonus points for hitting a cyclist?

Letter: On the true form of the government

Re: “The president's veto power is alarming,” Mailbag, Jan 24. First a history lesson for the writer. The only democratic government in history was ancient Greece. We live in a constitutional republic in which the federal Constitution is the basis of our laws. President Obama received almost 60 million votes by citizens of the U.S. who entrusted him to lead and to follow the Constitution. Next a civics lesson. Article one, section seven of that Constitution allows the president to veto any legislation he or she deems inappropriate. Presidents have vetoed congressional legislation since the origin of our country. Ronald Reagan vetoed 78 bills.

Letter: Digging deeper into district spending

If someone in your family gave you a projected household budget four years in a row, and each year significantly underspent their budget by 25 to 40%, would you assume that the fifth year would be any different? Because in the past four years the BUSD consistently and significantly overbudgeted, yet underspent on SACS Budget Code 4000-4999: “Books and Supplies.”

Letter: Fresh faces would bring fresh ideas

I am a product of Burbank schools, and a 30-year employee of the Burbank Unified School District, so I have a personal interest in who manages our schools.

Letter: Candidates answer to developers

I would like to add my voice to recent letters regarding the City Council candidacy of Emily Gabel-Luddy. Gabel-Luddy, who was my junior high school classmate, has endorsed the candidacy of Christopher Rizzotti. Rizzotti is a member of the Planning Board and both he and then-Mayor Gabel-Luddy were involved in the approval of the forthcoming IKEA development project, which could have substantial environmental and traffic impacts on surrounding neighborhoods.

Precious is a 6-year-old white and tan female Chihuahua up for adoption.

Leader pet of the day: Precious

Oh, Precious! This happy little lady is at the shelter because her owner had too many animals. Precious didn't make the cut.

Lucy is a three-year-old brindle and white pit bull up for adoption.

News-Press pet of the day: Lucy

Riley, one of last week’s Pets of the Day, is still looking for a home.