After spending a year-and-a-half in office, Mayor Rahm Emanuel's choice for CPS CEO is out.

Chicago Public Schools CEO Jean-Claude Brizard resigned yesterday.  Jean-Claude Brizard was allowed to resign, in what he and the mayor's office called a mutual decision

Brizard admitted his management style had become too much of a distraction. 

Brizard released a statement saying: "As the district leader, I am proud of the results we achieved in such a short time: graduation rates are up, test scores are improving, a higher percentage of freshmen are on track for graduation...I leave this role with great sadness, but with the knowledge that the seeds for true innovation and transformation have been planted. They only need to be cultivated."

It was announced today that he will get a full year's salary as part of his severance package.

The school board gave Brizard a two-year contract at $250,000 a year when it hired him in April 2011.

The contract was set to expire next May.

That news came as Mayor Rahm Emanuel formally introduced the district's new CEO.

At a news conference Friday, Emanuel named Barbara Byrd-Bennett the Chief Executive Officer of the Chicago Public Schools (CPS). Previously CPS's Chief Education Officer, Byrd-Bennett is a lifelong educator with experience running schools and districts in New York City, Detroit and Cleveland. SheByrd-Bennett was CPS's interim chief education officer.  She took control following a seven-school-day strike.

Byrd-Bennett told reporters, she had a "very, incredibly productive conversation" with Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis Thursday night.

"I'm looking forward to two things: a collaborative and productive relationship with Karen and the members of the CTU, as well as the rank and file teachers," Byrd-Bennett said.

Emanuel called Bennett's strong working relationship with Lewis "an aspect." Emanuel also said she will understand parents because she is a parent and a grandparent.